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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts - Hace 14 días
Do you like puff pastry?
Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you!
Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉
Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍
And what baking do you like more?
Jan pangilinan
Jan pangilinan - Hace 2 horas
awesome hacks & crafts! i need to know the title track at 12:20. i just can't get it off my mind. Thanks :)
The Sombrero Cat
The Sombrero Cat - Hace 17 horas
I hate you :)
Yazmin Murillo
Yazmin Murillo - Hace 19 horas
fun time with maliha & sahl havefun no
Yazmin Murillo
Yazmin Murillo - Hace 19 horas
Anandhu Vloger no BE GONE THOT
Yazmin Murillo
Yazmin Murillo - Hace 19 horas
Tigerspell .Everything ok no get your own subscribers
Yeetus Feetus McCleetus
Yeetus Feetus McCleetus - Hace 2 horas
Me: *sees them freeze apple on 5-minute crafts* ahhhh-! Stop! Freezing shtuff takes WAY more than five minutes! IM SUIMG--IM SUING YOU!/
vadyanich - Hace 2 horas
У сливки шоу лайвхак с сосисками спиздили
kay lit
kay lit - Hace 3 horas
15:46 or I can be the smart person I am and not do it so roughly... 😑
Hugito Jr
Hugito Jr - Hace 3 horas
Ok now I have two questions how can you use a lighter on glass and how does the wine doesn't boil?
Hugito Jr
Hugito Jr - Hace 3 horas
That GAINT melon is weird
ROBLOX Collector
ROBLOX Collector - Hace 4 horas
Yea the apple juice worked but i need a lot more one apple is not enough
Tummy18 - Hace 5 horas
AND!!! 18 Minutes Later still not gonna do any of this 😂
CringeBoiErin - Hace 6 horas
I like the last song, I think it’s the same Reaction Time’s outro (go see for yourself) but I can’t figure out what it’s called. And I know it’s not Darude Sandstorm so don’t even try. That joke is so dead.
HELLFIRE BULLET - Hace 6 horas
Anyone else thank the lady was beautiful😊😉
Reagan Ward
Reagan Ward - Hace 6 horas
0:29 that disgusting apple tho
Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez - Hace 7 horas
Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez - Hace 7 horas
1:05 that's not a hack it's just that YOU DON'T HOLD IT TIGHTLY DUMMYS
Russian To Play
Russian To Play - Hace 8 horas
Why cook ketchup?
Russian To Play
Russian To Play - Hace 8 horas
No ones got time for this lol
Simo Med
Simo Med - Hace 8 horas
Why the f i am doing here
Anise Ready
Anise Ready - Hace 8 horas
11:59 tells you where they are from
Shit Lister
Shit Lister - Hace 8 horas
Freezing and baking take more then 5 minutes
Melodi Steinberg
Melodi Steinberg - Hace 8 horas
how can I find out what music tracks these are?
EpicSuperVloger 123
EpicSuperVloger 123 - Hace 8 horas
11:06 are they literally 25 and eating popsicles
EpicSuperVloger 123
EpicSuperVloger 123 - Hace 8 horas
10:10 your about to eat a tooth pick and choke South west side
Kawaii Tuxedo cat xx
Kawaii Tuxedo cat xx - Hace 9 horas
That’s why i saw a apple in the freezer
kwaku pink
kwaku pink - Hace 10 horas
Salt shakers are £1
IjusthaveaYouTube ChanneltodostuffonYouTube
These aren’t hacks
Xx_Dubai life_xX killer
Xx_Dubai life_xX killer - Hace 11 horas
1:14 that's not a life hack it's common sense
Seán Cleary
Seán Cleary - Hace 12 horas
These people should be out there trying to save the world with their ideas
Роман Демянчик
Роман Демянчик - Hace 12 horas
slivki shoy good
IndigoCheesecakeMaster - Hace 13 horas
Adriana Lefter
Adriana Lefter - Hace 13 horas
Did anyone came from robby
someone unknown
someone unknown - Hace 13 horas
Stop hacking my food
Idon'tknow Idon'tcare
Idon'tknow Idon'tcare - Hace 13 horas
What about the blue cookie??
Alfie Haddon
Alfie Haddon - Hace 13 horas
Waiting for willnes reaction
Hannes 26.01
Hannes 26.01 - Hace 14 horas
Dann kann man ihn ja gleich pürieren oder
Hannes 26.01
Hannes 26.01 - Hace 14 horas
Wahrscheinlich bekommt man aus einem Apfel so viel Saft oder
Minigoat_Drippy •
Minigoat_Drippy • - Hace 14 horas
This video is so fake
Yasmin Othmann
Yasmin Othmann - Hace 14 horas
Hallo ich mal dich
Yasmin Othmann
Yasmin Othmann - Hace 14 horas
Hallo ich mal dich
Bettina Rodriguez
Bettina Rodriguez - Hace 15 horas
Buenísimos los trucos,muy ingeniosos,voy a poner en práctica algunos a ver q tal m va
crazy crafter
crazy crafter - Hace 15 horas
4.5 slivinki
Ben2645 - Hace 15 horas
Виталик Лисовский
Charles Swedenburg
Charles Swedenburg - Hace 16 horas
Does the apple one actually work?
Surya Press
Surya Press - Hace 17 horas
18 minutes video
18 Millions views
Suus Xx
Suus Xx - Hace 18 horas
I love life hacks
Aiman Haris
Aiman Haris - Hace 18 horas
3:07 ergghhhh... 😖
Yazmin Murillo
Yazmin Murillo - Hace 19 horas
Shashi Sondhi
Shashi Sondhi - Hace 19 horas
4:02was like a poop
Radim Ziegler
Radim Ziegler - Hace 20 horas
4:30 Copyrighted from Slivki Show. (If he didnt copyright it as well.)
Jdkiller - Hace 20 horas
R Gärtner
R Gärtner - Hace 21 un hora
Fake! bei 05:00 sind es gekaufte Kekse!!
Prakhar Tayal
Prakhar Tayal - Hace 21 un hora
Prakhar Tayal
Prakhar Tayal - Hace 21 un hora
Point 🤔
Pretty Hell
Pretty Hell - Hace 23 horas
More plastic
MiniMax United
MiniMax United - Hace 23 horas
41 million yea
War Robots Daesarul The pro
War Robots Daesarul The pro - Hace 23 horas
This is what i want
aravi99 - Hace 23 horas
Do we need a red apple ?☝💁
Thien Bui
Thien Bui - Hace un día
Ewww it’s a pruned apple XD
IcyCube Icy
IcyCube Icy - Hace un día
As such a big Channel, u should not put "hacks" in ur videos twice
Azim Abdrahmanov
Azim Abdrahmanov - Hace un día
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hCKIBabHLk You plagiat SliwkyShow one
Second Breakfast
Second Breakfast - Hace un día
12:20 it’s called blanching mom
M⃣a⃣d⃣i⃣s⃣o⃣n⃣ N⃣o⃣b⃣l⃣e⃣
1:26 or you could just put the ice in a cup then put the water in but oK
Kevin Clancy
Kevin Clancy - Hace un día
My knowledge has increased
ferociousgumby - Hace un día
I never remember to actually DO any of these, but they are nice to watch. But I don't believe I could squeeze an apple like that.
Aiden Robert
Aiden Robert - Hace un día
This is just amazing
Rose Jay
Rose Jay - Hace un día
Hey everyone I just posted my first song on soundcloud. The link in my youtube channel bio. Go check it out. I hope you enjoy.
Abel Bueno
Abel Bueno - Hace un día
Reduces grease on bacon? Where’s the fun in that
Zairyle Rodavia
Zairyle Rodavia - Hace un día
*AtLeASt tHE apPlE isNt A CliCKbAte*
pijiq - Hace un día
4:25 украли!!!!!
Sasha Pavlovic
Sasha Pavlovic - Hace un día
Does anyone else wonder why this channel has subs, other than subing for the meme? XD
Tommy Kopp
Tommy Kopp - Hace un día
What was the point of showing the amount of time needed to bake something when you didn't provide the specific recipe?
Sean O
Sean O - Hace un día
If you can’t afford a salt shaker you need to re-evaluate your life
Live in Rio de Janeiro
Live in Rio de Janeiro - Hace un día
I need 1000 subscribers to upload my live in Rio de Janeiro and share with you everything in Rio de Janeiro mostly beachs like Copacabana Beach - Leblon Beach - Ipanima Beach and I will put about carnaval, so pleaseeeee support me 1000 subscibers
Moon Pie
Moon Pie - Hace un día
5 minute Crafts in an 18 minute video?
MoltenGaming - Hace un día
3:32 that strawberry jam looks suspiciously like marinara sauce...
Jørdan Gang
Jørdan Gang - Hace un día
Most of the things on here are already invented what’s the point of trying to remake it🤦🏽‍♀️
Jørdan Gang
Jørdan Gang - Hace un día
My question is who tries to but and ICE CUBE IN A WATER BOTTLE. 🔎sum1 plz answer
Jacob Inman
Jacob Inman - Hace un día
Did you see that grapefruit? It made me want to cry.
Kaia Hosey
Kaia Hosey - Hace un día
why would i have an exacto knife in my kitchen
loren young
loren young - Hace un día
7:23 please dont drink out of a melted plastic bottle
Real Skull Entertainment
Real Skull Entertainment - Hace un día
you an write go
Layla Larm
Layla Larm - Hace un día
50%off Bleach
50%off Bleach - Hace un día
50%off Bleach
50%off Bleach - Hace un día
Also theifs
Jerk of Hearts
Jerk of Hearts - Hace un día
worst tips ever
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez - Hace un día
My brother says that all the time
نامينا علي
نامينا علي - Hace un día
Is from..?
{The Usa}√
Snsqraeb Blis Blis
Acorn bub
Acorn bub - Hace un día
4:26 didnt they just copy that from sliviki show

So thats where they got their hacks....
Andre - Hace un día
Who else’s eyes got big at 11:16? 😲
Jyrgal M
Jyrgal M - Hace un día
Гении!!! :D
Geniuses!!! :D
Raptor_FPV - Hace un día
15:46 Life must be hard if you can´t even make a peanut butter bread. NOW I UNDERSTAND why it´s called: "Kitchen Hacks".
Sooo.... If you´re able to change a lightbulb you´re an engineer!
I finally get it and can die in peace!
Thanks YouTube!
Teddy bear
Teddy bear - Hace un día
The bottle one actually doesn't work I tried it and all that happens is the egg yolk goes in then goes back or and it gets messy
Milan Zierek
Milan Zierek - Hace un día
6:05 its not a pineapple?
Gio Maccarone
Gio Maccarone - Hace un día
I animate things 😇
Norton Acosta
Norton Acosta - Hace un día
11:56 heil Führer
kostas slapšinskas
kostas slapšinskas - Hace un día
4:00 life hack by Slivkishow
panfil81 - Hace un día
Вот же мрази 4:00 спиздили у сливки шоу-_-
Baromano Gaming
Baromano Gaming - Hace un día
Türkler bura da mı
shawn TL
shawn TL - Hace un día
11:51 *accidentally drops some egg onto the table*
*picks up and eats it*
Safa Al-badry
Safa Al-badry - Hace un día
ميزه جديده من شركه يوتيوب تتيح لك انشاء دردشه (خاص)داخل اليوتيوب ..
اضغط هنا لتفعيل الميزه
Dylan Foulke
Dylan Foulke - Hace un día
It’s fun life hacks till you get killed by the wine you make
Ben Liu
Ben Liu - Hace un día
Am I the only one that disliked the video because electro swing is played?
free noodle
free noodle - Hace un día
I watch these all the time knowing I'm probably not gonna use any of these.
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