The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

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BoringVidsTV - Hace 34 minutos
Lanz Tristan Galang
Lanz Tristan Galang - Hace 35 minutos
Something Dreadful
Something Dreadful - Hace 35 minutos
For the post-mortem, would you smooch a ghost cowboy?
Tom Ives
Tom Ives - Hace 36 minutos
You both look absolutely dashing in those cowboy hats!
Much love from Texas!
Little Wanderer
Little Wanderer - Hace 36 minutos
The way Ryan says the "DEATH" word makes me cringe 😅
Scottyrooo Yep
Scottyrooo Yep - Hace 36 minutos
No birdcage theater?
Tanyah. - Hace 36 minutos
yee haw
Tom Ives
Tom Ives - Hace 37 minutos
Now I want to play some Yeehaw Skyrim (RDR2)
bernlovetaco 58
bernlovetaco 58 - Hace 38 minutos
Shane: "Oh, it must be Timmy!"
Ryan: *Waverly hills hospital flashbacks*
Devin Mccurry
Devin Mccurry - Hace 38 minutos
They should of left the glass or place glasses on the tables and walked off and left it alone, then come back see if anything been moved
Marissa Seelye
Marissa Seelye - Hace 38 minutos
If there was ever a time for a Shane 'stache, it'd be now 👏🏼
Devin Mccurry
Devin Mccurry - Hace 39 minutos
What if shane did see a ghost, and deleted footage, we will never know Haha
Anjeline Valdecantos
Anjeline Valdecantos - Hace 39 minutos
It seems at around 16:25 the guy sitting behind them is trying to turn his head. I'm freaking out.
MoSmid - Hace 39 minutos
I love how Shane kept getting more and more quiet when he was trying to get swamper on camera 😂
Victor Smith
Victor Smith - Hace 41 un minuto
POSTMORTEM: Um, you guys care to explain what that thing is sitting up at 16:05 behind you?! #itsnotthewindshane
metroid085 - Hace 41 un minuto
I think I can explain the movement in the background at 16:07. On Google Maps there's a panoramic image of the inside of Big Nose Kate's Saloon taken in January 2013. In this picture it can be seen that the square shaped railing behind which the movement happens surrounds a spiral staircase leading downstairs to "The Shaft" which is where the last part of the episode takes place. It seems that the earlier scene where Ryan places the whiskey glass on the table happens beside this same railing. Using our knowledge of the saloon's layout from the panoramic image, we can establish Ryan's location and orientation in the POV shot at 13:09. The table is between the staircase railing and the bar. From 13:13 to 13:14 (slow playback speed helps), we can clearly see a woman's face in the background (wearing earrings and a necklace). She appears to be sitting in the exact spot where the movement from 16:07 takes place. I speculate that she's an employee of Big Nose Kate's who was present during the filming of this episode.
Christian Rietz
Christian Rietz - Hace 42 minutos
For PM: Have you guys thought about using static cameras placed around where you're investigating to capture stuff happening away from you? Might've helped capture a glass moving on its own
Chris Marcotte
Chris Marcotte - Hace 43 minutos
23:06 Is that I call back to Waverly Hills?
White Wolfie
White Wolfie - Hace 44 minutos
I do enjoy watching the videos but i rather watch something different any time
Tour - Hace 45 minutos
I had to rewatch a couple of times but I think I'm seeing a lady sitting on the chair at 16:03. Tell me its not just me
Camaryn Vallot
Camaryn Vallot - Hace 45 minutos
#postmortem at 16:04 something at a table on the right side of the pole grows into something that looks like a man sitting there. Help me cause i am SPOOKED.
*This is credited to a comment from Maddie Patterson to have a better chance of getting it in the postmortem*
Melissa Schlein
Melissa Schlein - Hace 45 minutos
It looks like there is a figure sitting in a chair in the background during the whole bit with the bull horns in Big Nose Kate's, and at 16:04 it looks like it begins to stand up slowly...thoughts??
Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh - Hace 45 minutos
Wyatt Earp reminds me of Jamie Hyneman
Vojin Predovic
Vojin Predovic - Hace 45 minutos
Briana Sandoval
Briana Sandoval - Hace 46 minutos
I'm glad I'm not insane and didnt imagine the guy in the back chair..... but its scarier knowing everyone else saw it too
Caitlin Ava
Caitlin Ava - Hace 46 minutos
For post mortem: I’m gravely disappointed that both of you wasted the saloon door shot by saying “hey” instead of “howdy” CMON!
Angelin Morales
Angelin Morales - Hace 46 minutos
also Ryan: *hears mosquito fart* WHAT WAS THAT😨😰
Mia Potenza-Parsons
Mia Potenza-Parsons - Hace 46 minutos
aaah I literally live 20 minutes away from there
Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown - Hace 46 minutos
*Ya'll should do a crossover with Worth It and try to eat foods from a haunted place. 🤤❤❤❤*
Donnavin King
Donnavin King - Hace 47 minutos
"but I seriously want you to throw something at my face!" The best thing Ryan has said so far this season #shaniac #loveyouguys
Ben Bragg
Ben Bragg - Hace 48 minutos
The O.K corral shooting reminds me of times at Golden Corral dueling the 75 year old lady to see who gets the soft served ice cream
Emma Wotnot
Emma Wotnot - Hace 48 minutos
rest in pieces down on the count (if u know u know)
Sophia Kothe
Sophia Kothe - Hace 48 minutos
"I'll be your huckleberry."
~Doc Holiday "Tombstone"
Regina Marie
Regina Marie - Hace 48 minutos
Skull TV
Skull TV - Hace 49 minutos
For Postmortem: When is the next Season of the Hot Daga coming out? (I"m never in Postmortem) #Shaneiac
The youtube watcher 12345
The youtube watcher 12345 - Hace 50 minutos
Y'all should start a new series for haunted schools
Heather Chadwick
Heather Chadwick - Hace 51 un minuto
Ghoul confirmed 16:05!!
lovinperson1 - Hace 51 un minuto
at @9:39 , what is that behind shane????
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia - Hace 51 un minuto
So Shane...I hear Ryan talk about his girlfriend before. You've never mentioned a girl in your life but if you don't have one I have to say....the girl that does become your significant other would be so lucky. To have a guy make you laugh everyday, which is every episode that you're in, is awesome. But I do think if you do have a girlfriend, you seem like you would be private about your personal life. I've always thought you looked so handsome not just because of the way you look but because your humor makes you even cuter which all women love about men #shaniac #loveyoutooryan
Vienna Jordan
Vienna Jordan - Hace 51 un minuto
At 13:02 you can clearly see that the "whisper" was a sharp exhale from Shane.
upbeatlillily101 forever
upbeatlillily101 forever - Hace 51 un minuto
I I've been there when bnb I was 3. Also love the hats on you guy's! #Shaneia#docholiday
cali m
cali m - Hace 52 minutos
I can’t take them seriously because they look like this: 🤠
edgar rodriguez
edgar rodriguez - Hace 52 minutos
oooooooooooo hell no that is a ghost #hellno#ghost
Zots TV
Zots TV - Hace 53 minutos
We get it there is a ghoul in the chair but what is postmortem?
Zots TV
Zots TV - Hace 53 minutos
Someone give me a definition
almasmokey - Hace 54 minutos
For Postmortem: hey guys!! Love the show. I just wanted to bring up a huge untouched topic, as well as one that I was widely unaware of until I took a basic biology class in college: scientific illiteracy. Basically, all I wanted to bring up is the definition of science which, at its core, states that it is the study of the natural world. Emphasis on the word natural. From various lectures, I have learned that this is why religion and science are not related. Science covers the natural world; religion and otherworldly topics (like ghosts and demons) are covered under the supernatural world. This is why science cannot prove or disprove religion, it just does not work like that as they are two vastly different topics. The same can be applied to science and ghosts: science cannot prove or disprove ghosts as they are part of the supernatural world.
Again, love the show, and if you guys ever want to talk to scientific educators (Professors with Doctorate in Scientific focuses) feel free to reach out because this is part of a huge cultural issue that extends so much further than the public realizes.
(Notes: I'm not saying you shouldn't believe or not believe in ghosts because that is a personal belief, just be careful of what you support yourself with.)
Vee Adams
Vee Adams - Hace 54 minutos
Looking good boys 😊
Grant Singer
Grant Singer - Hace 55 minutos
How do you handle getting so much evidence in one episode??? #shaniac
Olivia Roche
Olivia Roche - Hace 56 minutos
I'm in Arizona right now and I'm feeling the ghosty vibes! I really want to visit tombstone.
Celestial Enigma
Celestial Enigma - Hace 56 minutos
Damn Timmy from the Sanatorium was one of my favourites tbh
Black Sheep
Black Sheep - Hace 56 minutos
*H O R S E S H O E S!!!*
QueerBoy - Hace 57 minutos
True Crime? Supernatural? Why not both!
video nocturnal
video nocturnal - Hace 57 minutos
For the postmortem: The noise of the spirit box is so obnoxious and makes me cringe also I’m I the only one who doesn’t see anything at 6:05 I really want to see it! Someone explain
Sarah Studios
Sarah Studios - Hace 57 minutos
I looked forever for the thing at 16:05 that everyone in the comments is talking about but omg, fam, is just a guy who’s part of their crew or something, obviously. Oof, I was really hoping for something spoopy
Manju Isha Yogi Charanthimath
Manju Isha Yogi Charanthimath - Hace 57 minutos
ANNELIESE MICHEL Q and A ?????????????¿?????????????
Brianna Tuttle
Brianna Tuttle - Hace 57 minutos
Who do you think was in the right the cowboys or businessmen
LA Smith
LA Smith - Hace 57 minutos
Best Shane head shake of the season!
Sam L
Sam L - Hace 59 minutos
Ghoul unrelated.. do you bois listen to Queen? How did you like Bohemian Rhapsody? #boogara #thehotdagaisbrilliantthough #dontdisownme
Karime Ochoa
Karime Ochoa - Hace 59 minutos
Oh my gosh @ 16:05 there’s definitely a person who appears to sit up then they just vanish
Jonathan L
Jonathan L - Hace 59 minutos
*Never clicked off a Worth-It video so fast*
Your average piece of Bread
Your average piece of Bread - Hace 59 minutos
What if they’ve found ghosts already in many of these places but they’re always just deleting the footage so that they can keep the unsolved thing going. If they find ghosts then it’s solved.
Emma Carr
Emma Carr - Hace un hora
Ryan is the most confident we have ever seen him here
lol Maya
lol Maya - Hace un hora
Missed the chance to say "Stay silver, Swamper", but whatever.
Madison Mountain Goat
Madison Mountain Goat - Hace un hora
"The city of Tombstone was founded by Ed Sheeran in 1877"
Maddie - Hace un hora
Shane’s gonna QUAKE when he sees 6:04
Kimberly Walker
Kimberly Walker - Hace un hora
I love this!!!! So great to see you guys enjoying yourself.
Something Dreadful
Something Dreadful - Hace un hora
Its so cute when he called Shane his big pal.
LESismore - Hace un hora 37:34 Sounds very familiar!
trickster 14
trickster 14 - Hace un hora
I’m Dirty Shane
Genesees Quihui
Genesees Quihui - Hace un hora
Thank you for coming to Arizona. It’s awesome to see one of the best series come to my state.
Emma Reh
Emma Reh - Hace un hora
Please please please investigate PRESTON CASTLE in Ione, California!!! California+Castle+Ghouls= Good Ep
raindroplette - Hace un hora
Not a question, but that outro is very well written
WhatOkay - Hace un hora
I don’t reach or anything but honestly at 16:05, that’s freaky
Sugastits - Hace un hora
So... the Ghoulish Misadventures of Dirty Shane and Rotten Ryan?
Chinz Goneduh
Chinz Goneduh - Hace un hora
I like how Timmy keeps making a comeback XD
Elisa A.
Elisa A. - Hace un hora
16:05 something is def sitting on the chair in the back, it looks like it lifts its head. What was that?
Lauren McGehean
Lauren McGehean - Hace un hora
Y’all blended in a little too well with the figures at the gunfight 😂
Ben Jacobs
Ben Jacobs - Hace un hora
Y’all should do the White House and people seeing Lincoln in the Lincoln bedroom and other ghosts
Maria Claire Nava
Maria Claire Nava - Hace un hora
“Dirty Shane” reminds me of “Dirty Dan” (Enters SpongeBob reference ) 😂😂
Maddie B.
Maddie B. - Hace un hora
Either the thing moving in the background at 16:05 is a crew person, or we just saw a damn ghost
Zenaida Soto
Zenaida Soto - Hace un hora
For the postmortem: Did the whiskey glass fall off the table? #buzzfeedunsloved#boogara#Tombstone
TSkibicki13 - Hace un hora
For the postmortem: Can y’all go a shootout to see which of the ghoul boys has the quickest draw?
Pour tha lean In my Cup
Pour tha lean In my Cup - Hace un hora
All I'm saying is *Kimberley Story* ... they should go to where her house used to be and investigate
Mary Feliz Rebong
Mary Feliz Rebong - Hace un hora

maddzzZ - Hace un hora
for the pm: I’ll Venmo both of you if you wear cowboy hats in every episode for the rest of the season plz and thank you
KC Inugami
KC Inugami - Hace un hora
#postmortem have you guys heard of infrasound? vic tandy's paper 'the ghost in the machine' explains it really well if not, but essentially it's super low frequencies that make people uncomfortable and sometimes "see ghosts." shane it'd be really cool if you brought along something to measure low frequency sound waves like infrasound to combat the spirit box so that the side of real science is represented. #shaniac
(ps ryan please look up the criterion of falsifiability you keep saying stuff like "you can't say it's not aliens/ghosts/etc" which by definition makes it unscientific and it hurts so much to hear it and then shane always just agrees gah)
Theo Noble
Theo Noble - Hace un hora
"Swamper, let me see you and I'll delete the video, we can steal some satisfaction"

*The Video immediately cuts out and resumes to Shane walking up stairs*
Angel Rachael
Angel Rachael - Hace un hora
I do not see what you guys are talking about with that chair, i watched 7 times and saw nothing. at the exact moment everyone is talking about, the music changed and becomes more intense. I think that might be influencing people who are already looking for something
Gizmorella X0X0
Gizmorella X0X0 - Hace un hora
Who is standing and then sitting in the chair in the saloon ?? 👻👻🤯
TheLastHylianTitan - Hace un hora
Postmortem! Ryan, what was your reaction to Shane’s “deal” with The Swamper, aka trying to get him to show up for Shane just so Shane could delete the footage later? Were you mad? Did you have a chuckle?
I love you both dearly for what you bring to us fans and I hope that one day, Ryan finds some concrete evidence and Shane has an experience that makes him a little bit less of a skeptic. More than anything I hope the two of you have fun on all your adventures together! #Boogaras #IRespectShaniacsTho #HermanosEspantos
Griffin Glassel
Griffin Glassel - Hace un hora
Supernatural < True Crime
S0lstice - Hace un hora
Ryan is too honest for the old west. 😂
Charles - Hace un hora
No investigation of Bird Cage Theatre!? No visit to Boot Hill Cemetary?!?! :.(......
Lin Oostendorp
Lin Oostendorp - Hace un hora
For Post Mortem: After the episode aired did you guys look back at 16:05 and Ryan get his $1.50 back? Lol I love you guys and think Shane is cute. But now it’s going to be a little harder for Shane to disprove the apparition sitting up in that chair! Interested in hearing what your take on that is, Shane!
Maria Moreno
Maria Moreno - Hace un hora
is ruining history ever coming back?
Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hyde - Hace un hora
Have you guys thought about exploring other supernatural elements? Like werewolves, vampires, zombies. There are stories out there of people's strange encounters with other supernatural creatures besides only ghosts.
Ella Missey
Ella Missey - Hace un hora
It’s been a hard season for Ryan huh? Hang in there bud. You’ll find something someday.
Hannah McClure
Hannah McClure - Hace un hora
You should go to the Blairwitch house in Kentucky
Swati Mohanty
Swati Mohanty - Hace un hora
16:05, someone behind Ryan is enjoying a drink. you can see the guy and his hand move.
zack! kirah
zack! kirah - Hace un hora
Seeing Ryan get excited about walking through saloon doors is so amusing 😂😂😂
Chloe Elliot
Chloe Elliot - Hace un hora
you’ve hawed your last yee
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