Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

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Shay and Gigi
Shay and Gigi - Hace 2 horas
Who thought that it was Ask me out but it is Ice me ask
Ungrammatically - Hace 2 horas
amilboom caló
amilboom caló - Hace 3 horas
❄ice me out 🍦ice cream out 🐻nigga
Yvette Smith
Yvette Smith - Hace 3 horas
I love it
Cutie Sushi
Cutie Sushi - Hace 3 horas
What the hell dose ice me out??😂
Gemeria Collins
Gemeria Collins - Hace 4 horas
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dylan bridges
dylan bridges - Hace 4 horas
My husband would probably like this song and video but I just can't sorry I am trying... I just can't...
Donyae Acklin
Donyae Acklin - Hace 5 horas
Put it on 1.25
Octavios Reaves
Octavios Reaves - Hace 6 horas
*I dont got enough muney to ice u out dayum*
Xman 77
Xman 77 - Hace 6 horas
Ask me out
acerothsteinfamous - Hace 7 horas
We are dmx in belly
Jamarius Klayy
Jamarius Klayy - Hace 7 horas
Omg songs repeat the same quote for soooo long
Isaac Ukachukwu
Isaac Ukachukwu - Hace 7 horas
She copied Nicki Minaj's laugh what a fraud. Why every female rapper tryna be Nicki.
Ruthcarla Dore
Ruthcarla Dore - Hace 8 horas
I don’t know if we can call that a song but... I enjoy it
iiomg_potato ii
iiomg_potato ii - Hace 8 horas
An example of a gold don't try this at home
SDM Patrick
SDM Patrick - Hace 8 horas
wtf is this
Skoollboy - Hace 9 horas
This shit trash
Animal Jammer
Animal Jammer - Hace 9 horas
Queen who bitch you
sweetener yashi
sweetener yashi - Hace 9 horas
what a boppp
acerothsteinfamous - Hace 10 horas
I like that laugh
Alexia - Hace 10 horas
it sounds better in 1.5x speed..
BaltimoreBama - Hace 10 horas
That face at 1:32 😂
Sewing Szn
Sewing Szn - Hace 10 horas
Corn balls
-Dark- Siren
-Dark- Siren - Hace 11 horas
Capricorn theme song.
Kayra Sylvester
Kayra Sylvester - Hace 11 horas
Mighty_Blossom - Hace 11 horas
You think she wants someone to ice her out?🤪😂
OutDribbleMe 7
OutDribbleMe 7 - Hace 12 horas
Play the video 1.5 x speed it’s way better
Daniella Johnson
Daniella Johnson - Hace 12 horas
Nicki Minaj leaves the chat
this bowl of Cincinnati Chili
Kohls is having a great jewerly sale for black friday
Sebastián Chavarría
Sebastián Chavarría - Hace 12 horas
These bitches really wanna be Nicki, I'm really mom.
Lacy Baby
Lacy Baby - Hace 12 horas
This video reminds me of RiRi's umbrella video
T& G
T& G - Hace 12 horas
Someone please edit this song over Elsa
acerothsteinfamous - Hace 12 horas
KASH doll im supposed to be friends with aja wilson
Keh - Hace 12 horas
Stevieschannel - Hace 12 horas
suck mE out
Stevieschannel - Hace 12 horas
all this time i thought she said ask me out😭
Nala TheLion
Nala TheLion - Hace 13 horas
ce me out, ice me out
Ice me out, nigga, ice me out
Ice me out, ice me out
Ice me out, nigga, ice me out
I want Tiffany, I want Angie C
I want all that shit, y'all know I be stunting
You know I'm so worthy, I want that bust down rollie
You know diamonds make me feel so horny
Bad motherfucker, I got Louis for my luggage
I need money so I hustle, this ain't fake, watch buster
Please don't try me, I might cut ya
Kash get crazy when you touch her
She wear chains when she fucking
Get her charms, cause she lucky
Shamar Adams
Shamar Adams - Hace 13 horas
Ik damn well she was cold asf
Nazja Gray
Nazja Gray - Hace 13 horas
1.25 PEOPLE!!!!!!
Ray ray
Ray ray - Hace 13 horas
Favorite song😍😍
Tremell Robinson
Tremell Robinson - Hace 14 horas
1:27 a mini Nicki.
acerothsteinfamous - Hace 14 horas
SOmetimes i want marraige sometimes im a bunny rabbit ace rothstein
acerothsteinfamous - Hace 14 horas
ACE rothstein hands up
Tyecia Smalls
Tyecia Smalls - Hace 14 horas
Fix it Jesus
Ri_ Wil
Ri_ Wil - Hace 14 horas
YessssICE ME OUT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
drippy 100
drippy 100 - Hace 14 horas
Ask me out ask me out ask me out lmao 🤣
Mimi xP
Mimi xP - Hace 15 horas
Why does it look like super bass?..
Aïmah - Hace 15 horas
Icy Girl watch out
Justice Channelle
Justice Channelle - Hace 15 horas
I was at the park one day and there was a group of girls singing this but ¨eat me out¨"i skrttt tf outta there
Natalie chatzistamatis
Natalie chatzistamatis - Hace 15 horas
ISC Braxyy
ISC Braxyy - Hace 15 horas
What a thot,hoe,bitch,waste of space, amazing dick sucking lipped creature this is!
carlee spells
carlee spells - Hace 15 horas
that lit
Cierra Den
Cierra Den - Hace 15 horas
WhenYouRunOutOfPizzaRolls 01
Ayy Frosty took off his *carrot* for this one 😭
Precious Hugger
Precious Hugger - Hace 15 horas
Imma right a song called fuck me now and it’ll feature my bae 😘😜
DeeDee Diallo
DeeDee Diallo - Hace 15 horas
Everyone singing this in school or making Snapchat’s smh 🤦🏾‍♀️😘
*Unfazed* Jae
*Unfazed* Jae - Hace 15 horas
she looks like Kali Uchis but thicker
ANGRY CROW - Hace 15 horas
j. maya
j. maya - Hace 16 horas
What the fuck is this
Alex Young
Alex Young - Hace 16 horas
So this that fucking Thot song all theses nasty hoes screaming 😂😂🚮
Nial Guess
Nial Guess - Hace 16 horas
El fondo es igual al de cardi b money
Fairy_Witch_Gøddess - Hace 16 horas
DYDY ARÊTE DE PARLER - Hace 16 horas
A girl 👧 sent me that that means ask me out
Samantha s
Samantha s - Hace 16 horas
There are better artists around the world that are not recognised but no...this is what we get
Wanda Davis
Wanda Davis - Hace 17 horas
You always find a dime in the hood that aint worth 10 pens.
Fatima Diallo
Fatima Diallo - Hace 17 horas
Butiful nice song
HYDIYA TV - Hace 17 horas
OOF MEMES - Hace 17 horas
Get it yo self
TiwaDidThat - Hace 18 horas
pornesianparapio joon
pornesianparapio joon - Hace 18 horas
Uuuh she bad bad
Brandy Arzu Mella
Brandy Arzu Mella - Hace 18 horas
For the longest time, I thought is was ask me out!
LuckFox 404
LuckFox 404 - Hace 18 horas
I c e m e o u t
KrafieCool - Hace 18 horas
beat goes sooo hard
Nuinui- Aye
Nuinui- Aye - Hace 18 horas
Is it me or does it sound like she say's ask me out.
ISuckAtDriving MSWGR
ISuckAtDriving MSWGR - Hace 19 horas
You so cute
who would care?
who would care? - Hace 18 horas
Bruh she not a tranny?
ISuckAtDriving MSWGR
ISuckAtDriving MSWGR - Hace 19 horas
You so vote
Gabrielle jones
Gabrielle jones - Hace 19 horas
Anybody thinking of the words "eat me out" i know I'm not the only one
Emma Smith
Emma Smith - Hace 19 horas
Play it on 2x thank me later 🤪
ExtraterrestrialSkyy - Hace 19 horas
Remix with ?????
xxxcamhy And more
xxxcamhy And more - Hace 19 horas
Eyes meow 🐱
iLove DeOcean
iLove DeOcean - Hace 19 horas
*_I'm shook_*
Zeina & Amina
Zeina & Amina - Hace 19 horas
Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought she was saying ask me out
BriahhWiyahh - Hace 20 horas
Who came here from the horse laugh edit?😭
SirRoc From da Low
SirRoc From da Low - Hace 20 horas
She Cute and Thick as Hell and she actually can Spit!! But this song doesn’t showcase her talent at all.
Stone To Wavy
Stone To Wavy - Hace 20 horas
I thought she said eat me out
Ethan Studios
Ethan Studios - Hace 20 horas
Ice me out, ice me out, ice me out nigga ice me out.
Keep it going
ֆ•вαвч вαndzz•ֆ
ֆ•вαвч вαndzz•ֆ - Hace 20 horas
👧👧- *I love you accent! say it again!*
👨👂👧👧 - *Eyes meow* 😂

W. A. Barrett
W. A. Barrett - Hace 20 horas
Me likey
Alilicious67 67
Alilicious67 67 - Hace 20 horas
Sarah - Hace 21 un hora
Who gave this bitch an umbrella lmfao
Lucia Gómez P
Lucia Gómez P - Hace 21 un hora
What does ice me out mean? 🖤
Salome Sylvester
Salome Sylvester - Hace 21 un hora
Nicki minaj who??
Cookie Boo
Cookie Boo - Hace 21 un hora
Aidana Kassymova
Aidana Kassymova - Hace 22 horas
Next silicone ass?
Ashley Corry
Ashley Corry - Hace 22 horas
Ask me out.
Persuasions Makeup
Persuasions Makeup - Hace 22 horas
all i like and want is her wardrobe or her stylist for this video. rhose boots in the beginning was FIRE
Lily Holiday
Lily Holiday - Hace 22 horas
*_Frozen behind the scenes_*
Boom - Hace 23 horas
All of these hoes is Nickis sons
Lilly Con
Lilly Con - Hace 23 horas
Oml 😂
Candace S.
Candace S. - Hace 23 horas
Broke dudes link up alert
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